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3D turtle graphics

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Computer science software for K12 Computer Science and KS3 computing curriculum..

Learn coding through 3D Isometric turtle graphics..

Write code to move turtle round screen.

Turtle graphics

Helps deliver the K12 Computer Science and KS3 computing curriculums..

  • 1. Use Logo language.
  • 2. 3D Isometric Turtle graphics..

Logo software

Computer science software for k12 and ks3 computing curriculum..

Key Features

computer science software

VR Logo + is a new generation of logo program that uses virtual reality to enable a better insight of turtle graphics. VR Logo + combines a simulated virtual reality on-screen turtle with all the usual logo commands. The logo draw pad maybe rotated to be viewed at any angle. Taking Logo to the next stage, isometric drawings are possible with VR Logo+, Cartesian x,y and z co-ordinates maybe used in drawings. In addition the turtle maybe rotated and spun. Primitive objects can be introduced, just a click will reveal the primitives volume and dimensions. Use primitive objects like spheres, cylinders, polygons, torus and cubes.

New insight into turtle graphics

VR Logo + is a flexible logo graphics program that introduces children to one of the most popular computer programming languages. Commands to be entered that introduce simple programming, children can use simple commands like FORWARD 10, RIGHT 90 or PENUP.

computer science software

3D Isometric

For 3D Isometric drawings new commands like ROTATE 90 and SPIN 45 have been introduced. Commands can be built up into procedures that are used over again to produce repeat patterns. Procedures maybe saved and print outs made.Graphical drawings produced can be printed. Pictures can be loaded for the 3D turtle to draw over.

computer science software

Activity screens

Includes activity screens, online User Guide with language reference and Tutorial.

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System Requirements

Requires a PC or laptop

With Windows 7/8/10 and DirectX 8.1 or higher.