Visual PC

Simulates a pc

Computer science software

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Computer science software for k12 and ks3 computing curriculum..

Key Features

computer science software

Simulates the inside of a P.C

3D graphics Visual PC is a virtual computer. Visual PC is a brilliant demonstration of the inner works of a personal computer. The virtual reality simulations change in unison with changes on the systems motherboard, this enables a realistic demo of a virtual computer to be achieved. Great for use with computer science and computing curriculum.

The Mouse
When you click with computers mouse button Visual PC simulates what is going on inside your computer, with Visual PC you can see the path the data travels along on the virtual computers motherboard.
The virtual computers motherboard displays the data path a key press takes as it journeys to the computers CPU.
The Motherboard is based on a Intel Pentium processor. The board includes all the chips that would be found on a basic PC. Data flow is simulated between all the main chips. The main processes of the motherboard are simulated. These simulate data transfer between the CPU and Memory showing data flow between the North Bridge hub. The IDE interface is simulated to the CPU. CPU to AGP slot (Graphics card). Mouse and Keyboard port simulated to CPU through LPC controller, South bridge and North bridge.
Visual PC monitors the computers processor as load changes are detected, the CPU to north bridge bus data lines turn red.

computer science software

Memory Card
Simulates a Memory card with option of including operation with Motherboard simulations, so works when CPU reads/writes to memory.
Hard Disk
Simulates data being read/write from a IDE hard drive. Data is read/write from the hard drive and simulated through the South bridge to the North bridge into the CPU. This is simulated in real time when the computers hard disk has a read/write cycle. As data moves through the controller the data lines turn to red.
AGP Graphics Card
Simulates the operation of the Graphics card including on board memory, this simulation can optionally be included with the Motherboard simulations when the CPU updates the screen memory. The motherboard can be rotated and moved, you can zoom in onto the motherboard to see simulations close up. Visual PC is highly configurable you can set up the program to just monitor hard disk activity or key presses.

computer science software

System Requirements

Requires a PC or laptop

With Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 and DirectX 8.1 or higher.