Robot Rail

Programmable 3D virtual reality school robotic arm from Camboard

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Key Features

robotics software

Robotics software for the classroom.

Robot Rail brings to the classroom an easy to use interface with a realistic 3D graphical robotic arm at an affordable price. This program is useful to demonstrate the principles behind a robotic arm and enable students to write control programs that picks up objects on a table. This simulates a typical robotic arm scenario found in industry.The student Controls the robot by clicking on icons that control each of the robots stepper motors. The parts of the robot are colour coded for easy identification. This program is useful for schools coding software requirements.

Program robot arm with powerful control language..

A powerful programming language is included that allows a script of commands to control and move each element of the robotic welding arm. The language uses simple commands that students can get to grips with quickly. Robot Rail is specially designed for use in the classroom, this is reflected in the easy to use programming language,
Programs contain primitive commands such as: -
MOVE 1000,250,392
All commands can be placed in procedures. The robotic arm incorporates sensors enabling feedback to be used in programs. Decision-making IF statements and loops with the REPEAT and WHILE commands can be used in programs. The MOVE command allows easy movement to a specific Cartesian co-ordinate. Programs can be saved for future use.

robotics software

3D Graphics

A 3D table contains steel bars that are picked up by the robots magnetized gripper. The robot can use X,Y,Z Cartesian co-ordinates to move to a specific point. Robot Rail features a 3 dimensional version of a robotic arm at a price much lower than a comparable real arm.
Includes an online User Guide and Tutorial.

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robotics software

System Requirements

Requires a PC or laptop

With Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 and OpenGL.