3D virtual reality robotic arm from Camboard

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Camboard Technology

Robotics software for k12 and ks3/4 computing curriculum..

Key Features

robotics software

Explore how a robotic arm works.

RobotARM simulates the operation of a robotic arm with all the operating functions of a real robot. RobotARM brings to the classroom an easy to use interface with a realistic 3D graphical robotic arm at an affordable price. This program is useful to demonstrate the principles behind a school robotic moving arm and enable students to write programs in popular programming languages that picks up a beeper in the robots gripper and moves it in the macroworld to another location. This simulates a typical robotic arm scenario found in industry. The program is useful for schools coding software requirements.

Move a beeper

Pick up and move a beeper. The arms grippers can pick up and move a beeper within the robots own macroworld. The robot can use X,Y,Z Cartesian co-ordinates to move to a specific point. RobotARM features a 3 dimensional version of a school robot arm at a price much lower than a comparable real arm.

robotics software

Use your own programming language

Pass API commands in a string using your favourite development environment like Python, Basic C etc.
Write your own programs and interface to RobotARM using a TCP connection.
API Primitive commands can be entered on a single command enter and execute basis.

robotics software

System Requirements

Requires a PC or laptop

With Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 and OpenGL.