Logic Gates & Counters 2

Learn about logic gates and digital counters...

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Key Features

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Simulates logic gates

Logic Gates & Counters is the package for learning about logic gates and digital counters.
Interactive simulations of logic gates and digital counters are included, the pupil can simulate the different logic states of gates.

Logic Gates

Logic Gates explains the principals behind boolean logic and integrated circuits, symbols and truth tables and shows how logic gates work. features on-screen user enabled simulations of the main logic gates (AND,OR,NOT,EX-OR,NAND,NOR). Throughout the program questions are posed about each of the logic gates states, these are marked on screen and can be printed out. The program finishes with a car simulation showing a logic gate being used to trigger an alarm when a car door opens with the lights left on.

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The Counters application starts with a description of where digital counters are used. Monostable and Astable signal sources are explained. A four bit BCD counter is simulated clicking on the Monostable switch increments the counter which visibly changes.- A hexadecimal counter is introduced, questions on each of the counters are posed on screen, the program marks each question. A counter is connected to an AND gate which is triggered when a preset count is reached.

computer science software

System Requirements

Requires a PC or laptop

With Windows VISTA/7/8/10.