How a Computer Works

See how the inside of a computer works

Computer science software

Inside of a PC

Computer science software for K12 Computer Science and KS3 computing curriculum..

Key Features

Learn how computers work..

See inside of a Windows PC

See all the components that make up a PC.

Helps deliver the K12 Computer Science and KS3 computing curriculums..

  • 1. Includes 27 Tutorials that show how a Windows computer works.
  • 2. Includes an interactive virtual computer simulation.
  • 3. Specially designed for use in Computer Science and Computing Curriculums.
how computers work

computer science software

See how the inside of a computer works

For computer science and computing curriculums.
How a Computer Works is the ultimate guide and reference tool. Packed with stunning simulations and excellent graphics this guide brings the inside of a Windows PC to life. A fascinating and absorbing overview of what's happening inside a computer.
Great for use with computer science and computing curriculum.
Learn more about how a computer works.
Includes comprehensive guides to the main components of a windows based computer.
Explains the technologies that make up a computer. Explains where all the connections on the back go to.
Demonstrates how MIDI works.
Includes clear diagrams of the main computer parts and descriptions of how they work.

Disk Drive

Shows how an optical drive works. Clear animations of the read/write process with descriptions.

computer science software

Virtual Computer

Includes a stunning virtual computer that brings to life the workings of a real Windows PC. Use your own virtual computer.
Shows in animation form the processes of an Intel Pentium processor working. Each stage of operations is described along with animated diagrams of the key pentium processing cycles. How a Computer Works shows the CPU parts.

computer science software


How a Computer Works includes 27 tutorials that explain the mystery of these technologies:-

Simulates how a motherboard works. How a Computer Works explains what the main chips and system buses do.

How a Computer Works explains how the PCI bus works.

The power on self-test
Explains the POST procedure.

Explains the BOOT UP procedure of a Windows computer.

Demonstrates with animations how memory works and interfaces to the CPU.

Hard Drive
Simulates a virtual hard disk drive and explains how a hard drive functions.

How a Computer Works simulates a CD-ROM optical drive and shows how they work.

Simulates a modem with animations and explains how it works.

Shows how a document is printed and has animations of the main printer processes.

How a Computer Works shows how interrupts work on a PC.

Explains how the FireWire interface works.

Expansion Cards
Guides you through the expansion card system on a P.C

Serial and Parallel Ports
Shows how the serial and parallel ports work.

Explains how the ROM BIOS works.

Plug and Play
Explains how plug and play works.

How a Computer Works simulates the mouse working and shows how the mouse connects to the computers motherboard.

Shows how a key press is read into the computers motherboard.

Floppy Disk
Simulates a floppy disk drive.

Explains how the USB interface works.

Simulates a scanner and shows how it works.

MIDI and Sound
Simulates MIDI and a connected keyboard. Explains how sound is converted into digital data.


How a Computer Works shows how the SCSI interface works.

How a Computer Works simulates how a computer monitor works.

System Requirements

Requires a PC or laptop

With Windows 7/8/10.