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Build your own virtual p.c motherboard


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pc builder

Build a virtual pc motherboard.

Make the motherboard that you want

Key Features

simulator software

Unlimited possibilities.

Build a virtual windows pc. Realize the thrill of creating your own pc system motherboard.
Make the motherboard that you want. Ideal for use in K12 computer science curriculums.

simulator software


Develop your motherboard and rethink your layout as you design.
Your goal is to build a complete motherboard with cpu drives and components that go into making a computer system.
You can design as many different motherboard layouts as you wish.
A inventory list is provided as you build your motherboard.

Select a processor from either intel or AMD.
Add a north bridge.
Populate the motherboard with memory cards.
PCI slots 16 8 4 1 express can be added to the motherboard along with E-IDE connectors and SATA connectors. Select from three types of Video:-
Integrated motherboard video.
AGP (with video card)

Temperature sensors for
Case,CPU and the Motherboard.
Add Infra Red Comms. to the motherboard.
System case lock
Power supply unit
Heat pipe
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
System Fans for the Back and Front of the case.
Dedicated fan for the CPU.
Add ports to the motherboard
USB (Front and Back)
Sound (Front and Back)
Memory Card slots
Compact Flash USB Device
MS/MS-Pro USB Device
SM/xD Picture USB Device

Ethernet Socket
Firewire connector
Parallel port connector
Serial port connector
PS2 Connector

Add drives to complete your system.
Hard disk drive
Optical disk drive

Add an external Keyboard (Key) and Pointing device
Add Wireless and a screen.



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Requires Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 and DirectX 8.1 or higher.

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