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Key Features

coding app

Coding apps for k12.

CodePC is a command line programming language.
It bridges the gap between high and low level languages.
The program is tightly integrated with low level programming basics.
CodePC introduces the concepts of registers, interrupts, ports, memory addressing.
App runs in a web browser works on a windows PC, apple Macintosh, iPad, chromebook and tablet computers.
App requires an internet connection to use it.
No software to install and maintain.

Virtual Computer

CodePC works in unison with a virtual computer that shows the actions of their commands.
The computer simulates how commands are implemented in the computer system. CodePC is an ideal step to introduce assembler type command programming without going to the complexities of learning assembler. Students can quickly get a grounding in computer science coding basics with CodePC.
The virtual computer simulates a typical PC running windows. Incorporates commands like MOVE, IF, PUSH, FILE, POP, SET PIXEL.
Useful to introduce low level concepts like mouse x,y co-ordinates.
Key codes with ASCII numbers.
Storing numbers to memory locations.
Using the memory stack. Setting screen pixels. Saving data to a file.
Opening data from a file.

coding app

System Requirements

Requires an internet connection and web browser

Runs on a P.C, Mac, Tablet and SmartPhone

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