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Build a virtual computer..

Computer science software

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Computer science software for k12 and ks3 computing curriculum..

Key Features

computer science software

Build a virtual computer.

Computer Builder lets pupils build a virtual computer and integrate the system tower into a complete computer system. Great for use with K12 computer science to build a virtual computer.
Shows students how to build a computer.
Motherboard The first part of the building process starts with the assembly of the computers Motherboard.
The Motherboard is placed into the system tower.
A graphics card is placed onto the motherboards AGP slot.
The next step involves placing the Memory cards into the connectors on the Motherboard.
After this is completed the Sound and MIDI card is placed into a PCI slot.
Further expansion cards maybe used in the PCI slots.
These are a SCSI card that works in conjunction with an external hard disk drive.
A PCI Modem card that works with a broadband connection.

Great for use with computer science curriculum.

Hard Disk The next stage is to populate the tower with disk drives. The hard disk is placed in the system frame tower. As the drive is placed in the tower the blanking plate is removed from the front panel.
The floppy disk drive is inserted followed by the CD-ROM and DVD drives.
PSU At this point the Power Supply Unit is placed into the tower.
The last job is to place the cover over the side of the tower.
The system tower is now complete.

computer science software

computer science software

Shows students how to build a computer.

Computer Table Once the tower is built it can be incorporated into a system. A computer table is populated with the computer system. The tower is placed on or around the table the monitor is placed on the top shelf for easy viewing.
Keyboard The system is now built up with further peripherals, a keyboard and mouse are added.
Loudspeakers, Scanner, Printer and external SCSI hard Disk drive can be added.
Connections Once the system table is populated the task of connecting the peripherals to the system tower can begin.
The back of the virtual computer represents that of a typical computer tower.

Virtual System

Start Up Once the tower is wired up the system can be powered up, this simulates the start up procedure of a Windows XP based machine. Computer Builder will prove invaluable to teaching students the basic parts of a computer and the assembly of one in a safe virtual environment.

computer science software

System Requirements

Requires a PC or laptop

With Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10.